Wedding photographer in Mallorca

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wedding photographer in Mallorca

Miguel Angel Garrote, your history starts here.


Same texts, same photos, same boring videos

Being perfect is boring

Weddings in Mallorca

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What Can You Expect?

I'm sure that if you are reading this, you and your partner are probably overwhelmed with wedding preparations, dozens of emails from suppliers with the same old stuff, blah blah blah, I'm not the best wedding photographer, because thank God I am human and that is why I know how you feel, as the title says, same texts promising that they will capture the emotions of the most important day of your lives, etc etc empty texts without feelings.

I could say good things about myself or maybe not, but I will start by saying that photography helped me fight against shyness, fighting against myself in environments outside my comfort zone, I tell this because why stand in front of the camera if you are shy? It can be difficult, don't worry, we are in the same boat, I tell this because I don't need people's approval and create false expectations, this is not about being a good photographer and that some photos of milk will come out, this is about a job in team, half of a good job is yours, you have to be receptive and give your all.

I am also a good listener, so I will be delighted if you tell me your story, how you met, if you have children, if you tell me every detail of your wedding, friends, family, etc.

My goal is that when your children are older they see the wedding photos and get as excited as the first day, and that the whole family gets together and enjoys looking at your wedding album, but this has a price, I only do a few weddings per year, I want to focus 300% on each wedding, and covering more weddings per year this would be impossible, I prefer to win in quality than in quantity

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