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Hello! I am Miguel Angel Garrote wedding photographer in Mallorca with a simple mission: to capture real moments, with an artistic and creative touch. I love exploring the natural and urban landscapes that Mallorca offers as the perfect setting for your memories.

We value authenticity and the small details that make each wedding unique.

We capture genuine smiles, knowing glances and the authentic emotion of each moment.

We work with you to understand your desires and capture them in each image.

We want you to be able to relive your day in the most authentic way possible.

We are excited for the opportunity to be a part of your story and to capture the memories that will fill your album with life together.

Make your wedding in Mallorca an authentic experience and let our cameras capture the essence of your love.

More than a photographer in itself, I consider myself an image hunter, images full of feelings, your feelings, Focus photo studio is born from the passion of capturing every moment of your wedding, weddings full of hope and love between two people, our mission is to capture every detail, every hug, every kiss and every tear of joy and with all this to narrate such an important day for you.

I will not give you photos, but emotions, I will give you a story, your story, your day.

Our style is photo reportage, natural photos without forced poses.

At focus foto studio, the most important thing for us is that, when you see your photos in a few years, they make you feel the same as you felt that day and that you feel the same emotion, that they make you want to get married again, that is our goal.

I am looking for couples with the same enthusiasm and desire that I have, that before each wedding it is difficult for me to sleep, couples who love each other, who love each other like the first day and who are fun.

I like to offer the best of myself, that's why I continue training, attending seminars with the best photographers in Mallorca, and traveling to do seminars with the best  weddings photographers in the world.

Focus Fotography has two wedding photographers in Mallorca so as not to miss any details.

Thank you very much for visiting our website.

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