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the best weddings photographers in balearic islands 

Wedding photographers in Mallorca - Wedding reports in Mallorca

Weddings in Mallorca

  1. Complete event coverage: A wedding photographer in Mallorca would provide services from the beginning to the end of the wedding. This would include the bride and groom's preparation, the ceremony, the reception, and possibly even a post-wedding photo session at a special location.
    Engagement or pre-wedding session: Many couples choose to have a pre-wedding photo session, often in a significant or picturesque location in Mallorca. This provides additional photos and the opportunity to get to know the photographer before the wedding day.
    High quality photography: A professional photographer in Mallorca would use high-end equipment to ensure that the images are sharp, well composed and high resolution.
    Personalized style and approach: The photographer would work with the couple to understand their preferences in photography style. Some might prefer a more traditional and formal approach, while others might prefer a more documentary and spontaneous style, some prefer editorial style weddings or boho style weddings.
    Image editing and retouching: After the wedding, the photographer would process and retouch the selected images to ensure that they look their best. This may include color adjustments, contrast, and removal of minor imperfections.
    Albums and printed products: Some photographers offer the option to create physical albums or printed photo books. These can be a beautiful way to preserve wedding memories.
    Online gallery or USB with all images: Photographers will provide a way to access all digital images, either through a password-protected online gallery or USB.
    Copyright and usage of images: The photographer would clarify the details regarding copyright and usage of the images. Typically, the bride and groom will have the right to use and share the photos, but the photographer will retain copyright.
    Advice on locations and schedules: As a local photographer in Mallorca, you would probably have a good knowledge of the popular locations and the best light at different times of the day. You could offer suggestions on where and when to take the photos.
    Customization and flexibility: A good photographer would be willing to adapt to the couple's specific needs and desires. This could include specific shots that the couple wants to make sure to capture.

Examples of weddings in Mallorca

Wedding in ses cases de sa font seca - CLICK HERE

Wedding in Valldemossa Hotel - CLICK  HERE

Wedding in Virrey Hotel- CLICK HERE

Focus Foto Estudio, fotógrafo de bodas en Mallorca  - boda-en-virrey-boda-del-an-o-560.jpg
Focus Foto Estudio, fotógrafo de bodas en Mallorca  - boda-en-hotel-valldemossa-641.jpg
Focus Foto Estudio, fotógrafo de bodas en Mallorca  - boda-en-s-acute-olivaret-361.jpg
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