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Mallorca wedding photographer

Verónica y Manu

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Field of poppies in Majorca

Photos by Miguel Angel Garrote.

Love is in the air, and in Majorca, also in the poppy fields. I recently had the opportunity to accompany a couple in their pre-wedding session, in the middle of a sea of ​​bright red flowers. The result was simply magical. If you are looking for a romantic and natural place for a pre-wedding photo session, look no further than the poppy fields of Mallorca. These fields of vibrant red flowers make a stunning backdrop for any photo shoot, adding a touch of romance and elegance to your images. In this pre-wedding session, the couple seemed to have been transported to a dream world, surrounded by the natural beauty of the countryside

The pre-wedding session in the poppy field was just the beginning of this couple's love story. Soon, they will be married at the beautiful Hotel Valldemossa, an idyllic location for any wedding in Mallorca. This historic hotel, located on the mountainside, offers impressive views of the Sierra de Tramuntana and an atmosphere of tranquility and romance that makes it the perfect place for a wedding

Como fotógrafo de bodas en Mallorca, tener la oportunidad de fotografiar una sesión de pre-boda en el campo de amapolas es realmente especial. Las flores rojas vibrantes crean un ambiente de romance y calidez que es perfecto para capturar momentos de amor entre la pareja.En esta sesión, trabajé para capturar la esencia única de la pareja, su conexión y su amor mutuo. A medida que la pareja se paseaba por los campos de amapolas, se abrazaba y se reía juntos, pude capturar fotografías naturales y elegantes que reflejaban su amor y felicidad.En el gran día de la boda, estaré allí para documentar todos los momentos especiales, desde la ceremonia hasta la fiesta de baile. Mi estilo de fotografía es natural y elegante, con un enfoque en capturar momentos únicos y verdaderos.

As a wedding photographer in Mallorca, having the opportunity to shoot a pre-wedding session in the poppy field is truly special. Vibrant red flowers create an atmosphere of romance and warmth that is perfect for capturing moments of love between the couple. In this shoot, I worked to capture the unique essence of the couple, their connection, and their love for each other. As the couple strolled through the poppy fields, hugging and laughing together, I was able to capture candid and elegant photos that reflected their love and happiness. On the big day of the wedding, I will be there to document all the special moments, from the ceremony to the dance party. My style of photography is natural and elegant, with a focus on capturing unique and true moments.


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Mallorca wedding photographer




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Miguel Angel Garrote, Mallorca wedding photographer

For more information about photo sessions in Mallorca you can contact me at the following link

Whether you get married, or want some pregnancy photos, communion photos for your children, etc., do not hesitate to ask without obligation.


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