Pre wedding in Valldemossa and Sa Foradada

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prewedding in sa Foradada y Valldemossa

 - palma de mallorca - kirsty & michael

The perfect setting for an unforgettable pre wedding in Mallorca

Miguel Angel Garrote - Wedding photographer in Mallorca

In the heart of the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, you will find landscapes that seem straight out of a fairy tale. Valldemossa and Sa Foradada, two emblematic places in this region, served as a magical setting for a memorable pre-wedding session. As a wedding photographer in Mallorca, I had the privilege of capturing the essence of love in these charming places in Mallorca.

The day began in Valldemossa, a stone town with cobblestone streets and breathtaking panoramic views. Known for its 13th century monastery and charming stone houses, Valldemossa is a place that evokes romance and nostalgia. The couple, Michael and Kirsty, walked through alleys decorated with flowers, while I looked for the perfect angles to capture their complicity and emotion before their wedding in Mallorca

After exploring Valldemossa, we headed towards Sa Foradada, a secret and picturesque place located on the northwest coast of Mallorca. Sa Foradada is known for its distinctive cliff with a natural hole in the middle, and Son Marroig, a magical place to celebrate your wedding in Mallorca, which rises majestically above the blue waters of the sea. Here, the natural environment became our accomplice, creating an atmosphere of serenity and romance for the photo session.

The pre-wedding in Valldemossa and Sa Foradada was much more than a photo session; It was an experience that allowed us to immerse ourselves in the natural and cultural beauty of Mallorca while celebrating the love of Michael and Kirsty. As a wedding photographer in Spain, I feel grateful for the opportunity to document such special moments and eternalize memories that will last forever.

If you are planning a wedding in Mallorca or a couples photo session or simply want to explore the island with your partner, I invite you to consider these magical places in Mallorca as part of your experience. Valldemossa and Sa Foradada are just two of the many hidden gems that Mallorca has to offer, and I can't wait to capture the beauty of your love story in this Mediterranean paradise

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